My staffs are not receiving their Payslips in their email. What do I do?

Under ePayroll > Payroll Setup > Configuration, under 'Account configuration' 

Check if the box with the setting option "Send PDF payslip via email upon approval and after release date" is ticked. 

After that is done, click 'submit'. 

If the option is checked, your staff will receive the email containing their payslip in PDF format. If your staff created a pin to protect their payslip in the system, then the PDF file that is sent to their email will also be pin-protected.

If the option is not checked, then your staff can only go into the system to view the payslip.

If you have already released the payslip before the option was enabled, you would need to re-send the payslips under the Process Pay > Payrun Summary page. (Tick the box beside the names of the affected employee and click 'Resend Payslip')


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