Is there a way to calculate pay for a part-timer each month? He is paid on an hourly basis.

1) Go to ePayroll > Payroll SetupOT Rates

2) Enable the option 'Display in Pay Information and Process OT' and 

ensure that the 'Actual Hours' rate is 1. After that is done, click 'update'.

3) Under ePayroll > Payroll Admin > click on the employee’s pay information (book icon).

4) Click the edit icon and set the employee's basic pay as his hourly rate (e.g. $10) 

5) Add the 'Actual Hr' pay element 

6) Under OT Hourly Rate Formula and Actual Hour Formula, change the formulas to 'BasicPay' (which will be the value you set previously for the employee), then click the save Icon. This will be the pay rate for the employee per hour. If the Basic Pay changes, so will the value in the formula. 

 7) At the end of the month, key in the total number of actual hours and OT hours (if any) for the employee under the Actual Hours and OT Columns respectively. After that is done, click the 'save' icon. The pay element amounts will be generated beside the number of hours for you to refer to. 

8) Once this is done, you can process the pay for the employee.

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