How do I give admin access for an employee for various payroll groups?

1. Go to ‘Payroll group setup’ in the Payroll Setup page.  Here you can create new groups, along with their group codes.

2. To assign employees to various payroll groups, click ‘Assign Employee to Payroll Group’ in the Payroll Setup page. You can assign employees to different payroll groups by selecting the group from the dropdown list, then clicking ‘update’.


3. To give individual employees access to the payroll group, click ‘Payroll Group Access Assignment’ in the Payroll Setup page. For example, if Employee A is assigned (with the user profile of ePayroll Admin) to group 1 consisting of employees B-D, employee A will be able to view and edit the pay details of employees B-D, and process pay for these employees only.         


To learn more on how to create a user profile for an employee, click here.

To learn how to set a Payrun Approving officer, click here.


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