I have included a deduction/addition pay element in the employee’s pay information page and the pay element is active. However, when I run the pay run for him the amount is not reflected in the pay. What could be the issue?

The pay element may have been set to be only usable during a period of time. Kindly go to ePayroll > Payroll Setup > Pay Elements.  

Search and click the book icon for the affected pay element.

Under the pay elements settings, check whether the ‘recurring’ option has been activated. If yes, the pay element would only be active between the recurring periods configured in the settings.

To configure the pay element to be active once again, you can either:

  1. Untick the box for recurring so that the pay element would be active for all periods
  2. Change the recurring period so that the payrun you are running for will fall within the dates configured.

After that is done, kindly delete and re-add the pay element under the Employee Pay information page and then run the payrun for the affected employee once more. The new payrun should reflect the pay element after the settings are changed.

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